An Agent’s Life: Tales from the Frontline… #1: Babysitting

With the homeowners making themselves scarce, today’s house viewing saw us charged with showing a prospective buyer a property whilst simultaneously babysitting a 12-month old bulldog.

The only rule: the dog isn’t allowed in the carpeted hallway.

Piece of cake.

Enter: the buyers… we show them the living room: lovely; stairway: super; hallway: yes splendid.

As we enter the dining room we announce a quick note of warning, “the dog isn’t allowed in the hallway…” The door is opened and the hound makes a dash for the hallway… our agent leaps (yes, LEAPS) for the mutt and grabs the little scamp by the thighs… strong for one so young, the bulldog pulls our outstretched agent between the dumb-founded buyers and across the hallway carpet… all the while, the agent’s shirt riding up to approximately nipple height and acquiring a fairly substantial belly carpet burn.

Ever the pro, our agent lets go of the hound, ushers him back inside the dining room and continues “You’ll notice the well-maintained parquet flooring as you enter the dining room…”

Brownie points all round.

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