A guide to presenting your property for a photoshoot

As an estate agent, great photos are probably the most essential marketing tool in our arsenal when it comes to getting perspective buyers excited about your home and in through the front door for a viewing.

The right property images are both attention grabbing and aspirational - presenting your home in a way that sells an appealing lifestyle. A skilled photographer will identify the most saleable features of a property, pick the right angles and tweak the lighting… but you also have an essential role in preparing the house ahead of a photoshoot. We are continually asked “Is there anything I can do to improve our chances of selling?” Yes there is! We’ve included all our tips in the guide below…

Tidy up

If there’s only one piece of advice that you take on-board ahead of a property photoshoot, let it be this: de-clutter. The good news is that you actually don’t need to clean – dust doesn’t show up on photos… but clutter does! Tidy away messy magazines, newspapers, shoes in a hallway, clothes left on beds or on the floor, glasses cases, cables (especially from mobile phone chargers), children’s toys and so on.

Yes, you want to the house to have some personality and looked lived-in – but we think it’s always best to err on the side of “less”. If it doubt: tidy it away.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms usually represent the largest investment in your property, so be sure to show these off to maximum affect. Be sure to de-clutter, we would advise tidying away colourful cereal boxes, jars and tins; clear away washing-up. In the bathroom hide bottles of cleaner, shower gels and shampoos.

Plus, there’s an exception to the “you don’t need to clean” rule here… internal glass and reflective surfaces: grime tends to show up on chrome taps, mirrors and shower screens should the photographer choose to take a close-up, so give these a quick wipe down.


We love pets. We’ve got loads of them. But some people don’t. Therefore it’s advisable to put away food bowls and drinking bowls, dog beds, cat scratching posts and pet toys, if possible.

Dress the house

A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to dressing a house. A few flowers in a vase on a table is a quick and cheap win. You don’t even have to buy the flowers – just a few stems from the garden bring a little joy to a scene and show that the house is loved. Soft furnishings also help soften a room; a warm-looking blanket on the arm of a sofa looks great. And if you have a wood-burner or open fire: light it. People love the idea of being cuddled up in front of a roaring fire.


Sometimes home-owners are so eager to get the inside of a property looking great that they forget about the outside. At the very least, have a walk around the driveway and garden and make sure there’s nothing which shouldn’t be there… litter which has blown in from the street or a fallen tree branch.

Imagine turning up to the property as a stranger – how does it look on first appearance… are there overflowing recycling and rubbish bins? Could the path do with a sweep? Does that pile of leaves need tidying? If you have a lawn, it’s always a good idea to give it a mow. If you have a washing line, put any hanging clothes away and put the entire line away, if possible.

Notice the sun

Finally, when we ring to book-in your photography appointment we’ll probably ask you when the sun shines on the front of the property - this informs us of the best time to visit and ensures the best chance of getting good images. (So, when you face the front of the property – the sun should be behind you.) This isn’t something that many people know off the top of their head, so it’s a good idea to make a note of it, if you can.

If you follow the tips above we’re sure to get some great images of your property and boost your chances of a quick sale.

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